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Stress is the most pervasive malady of our time and has been called the "silent killer".  Up to 90% of all illness is related to stress (National Institutes of Health).  Too much fight or flight activity without corresponding rest and relaxation is what distress is all about and the 21st Century is fast becoming the century of Super Stress, thus the need for BrainTap Technology.  All forms of stress are in reality brain stress and prolonged brain stress causes a sympathetic - parasympathetic imbalance, creating a neurological cascade of events which puts us in a Sympathetic Survival Syndrome. More than 2 billion people world wide are now suffering from brain based health challenges. Circumstances don't determine stress levels, thoughts, beliefs and actions do!  Brain-Based Wellness is about enhancing thoughts, beliefs and actions. BrainTap channels precise frequencies of light and sound into the brain.  The optic nerve picks up light impulses, even with your eyes closed, while the pulsating audio frequencies synchronize the hemispheres of the brain.  Brain Based Wellness works to eliminate unwanted habits, behaviors and thought patterns, helps to create positive new ingrained habits, creates resourceful states, imprints goals in the other-than-conscious mind and provides positive mental rehearsal. 

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